About Us

   Hey There! 

Awesome Soaps is a super cute, honest, and innovative small business. We turn the artwork of talented artists and designers into soaps that are so unique and so well made that are hard to believe sometimes (the main question we receive is: Is it soap?)

We do love what we do, we are really passionate about this brand. All our products are handmade and beautifully packed. We support independent artists, we support charities, and we support the community (some of our suppliers are small businesses as well). We are also the first company in the world that makes Wall Art entirely made in Soap for decoration only, and the frames are cake coolers... plop!

We make all of this because of you, because we want to add something pretty cool, fun, and artsy into your life, something that makes you feel very good every day, and that's what Awesome Soaps is all about. It's all about people, it cannot be in another way.

Wishing you the very best!