Kiwifruit | Shampoo Bars, Vegan, Premium Quality

Kiwifruit | Shampoo Bars, Vegan, Premium Quality

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Everything you need in one single bar! It is a Shampoo, a Conditioner, and a Soap!

Handmade with high-quality ingredients, this super versatile bar beautifully moisturizes and nourishes both your hair and skin. To use as shampoo, rub the lather through your hair, wait 20 seconds then rinse.

Ideal for all types of skin. All-natural, all fresh, all vegan, and Made in New Zealand.

Net. Weight. 120g

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Lye, Water, and Natural Fruit Pulp.

Note: Wrapping may vary. Same product just different wrapping :)))

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