Artweek 2021: With the Environment on Our Minds

Hey ya! I'm July ^-^

It's a pleasure to announce that I'm one of the artists invited to Artweek 2021 in Auckland. New Zealand.

Check it out: Artweek 2021: With the Environment on Our Minds

I make Self-portraits using soap and different types of colourants such as makeup, paprika, curry, soap colouring, etc. The frames I use are kitchen utensils like bowls, plates, cutlery drawers, spoons, blender jugs, etc. I use ordinary products that we use every day, and we have at home.

Through these 'self-portraits', I tried to catch my feelings and emotions, not just my face. It's the way I see myself and the way I think society (you) might see me as well.

I'm a terrible Pastry Chef (I chose the wrong career); however, I managed to transfer these skills into soapmaking. More than being an artist, I'm an entrepreneur who likes to be innovative and thinks differently.

Thank you for reading these words. Enjoy your day ^-^


Instagram @julycortescardenas


Self-portrait: Aura

Material: Detergent & Makeup

Frame: A Pizza Box

Soap Art by Awesome Soaps @oldmaidck


Self-Portrait: Sadness (but pretending hapiness)

Material: White Soap, Soap Colouring & Makeup

Frame: A Cutlery Drawer

Soap Art by Awesome Soaps @oldmaidck


Self-Portrait: Hangover

Material: Antibacterial Soap & Makeup

Frame: A Salad Bowl

Soap Art by Awesome Soaps @oldmaidck

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